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Prioritizing Your Future

The Lawyer You Work With Makes A Difference

Car accidents and other incidents that result in injuries can upend your life in an instant. In seconds, your health, finances and sense of security can be seriously threatened. If a crash, fall or fire leaves you or your loved one injured, unable to work and facing mounting medical expenses, life can become confusing, stressful and extremely difficult.

Attorney Eric Berg has the knowledge and dedication that can help get your life back on track. Eric assists injured individuals in fighting for compensation from cold and impersonal insurance companies. From our Duluth office, Eric brings tenacity, focus and compassion to cases in Duluth, across the Iron Range, and throughout Minnesota. You can learn more about Eric’s background by clicking here.

At Berg Law Office, our commitment to fight for the maximum amount we feel our clients deserve is one of the most important factors that distinguish us from the majority of other injury law firms in Minnesota. Eric will go to court when a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiation. The insurance companies and their lawyers know this, which allows him to negotiate from a position of strength. He is able to resolve the majority of our cases without litigating as a result.

How To Select A Personal Injury Lawyer

In addition to our commitment to not compromise for less than our clients deserve, there are some other important characteristics we feel set Berg Law Office, apart from our competitors.

Here, you work with the lawyer you hire. Many personal injury law firms advertise their experience and then hand your case off to a junior attorney, or even a paralegal, once you have signed on with them. Attorney Eric Berg works directly with his clients from start to finish.

Eric understands all aspects of developing a strong case. A former paralegal, he knows how to build a robust legal position from the bottom up. From routine court filings to complex evidence collection and presentation, this detailed preparation can make a difference in securing compensation. Eric does not overlook the minutiae that make a case successful.

Berg Law Office, also emphasizes clear communication. It’s a fact of life that personal injury lawsuits can take months, if not years, to resolve. That can be frustrating for someone who is hurting, unable to work and facing mounting medical costs as well as daily expenses. We will keep you posted at every stage of your case, and we communicate with medical professionals to help work out alternative billing whenever possible.

Our commitment and compassion are unsurpassed. Our clients are more than clients: they are friends who we have a duty to support and protect. We become closely involved in order to better understand how your injuries affect your daily life. We see how painful these injuries are for you and your loved ones. Our team’s skills extend far beyond legal guidance to include coaching for coping with the challenges that result from being seriously or even permanently injured.

The Transition From Fear To Faith

We know how stressful it can be to be hurting and uncertain of whether you will be able to return to work or how you will pay your bills. We embrace the opportunity to help injured parties transition from fear of the unknown to having faith that their financial, physical and emotional needs will be met.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, we invite you to schedule a free consultation in which we can answer your questions, review the facts of your case and recommend a course of action. There is never an upfront charge, and we only collect an attorney fee if we help you obtain a recovery. Our goal is to put more money in your pocket than you would recover on your own or by using another law firm.

Committed To Securing Your Future

Many of our injured clients are amazed to discover how unconcerned and, frankly, unfair insurance companies can be in responding to claims for reimbursement. Eric understands the extreme measures that insurance companies take to protect their profits, and he knows how to combat these tactics to help injured individuals recover what they deserve. He also can assist you with creative estate planning to protect your assets and ensure their smooth transfer to your loved ones.

Eric’s career has taken him through every level of the legal process. Having worked his way from an entry-level paralegal position with Vukelich Law Firm, PLLC, to earning his Juris Doctor degree and owning his own firm, Eric knows how to build a case from the bottom up. He is thoroughly familiar with the important details that make a case successful: retaining medical experts, obtaining accident reports, making necessary requests and filings, and meeting urgent deadlines. Whether you have suffered a fall or are grappling with complex brain or nervous system injuries, his meticulous preparation is an essential piece of an effective litigation or negotiation strategy.

Results-Oriented Representation

At Berg Law Office, Eric’s focus on building a comprehensive case can enable many cases to be successfully resolved through settlements. However, if insurance companies refuse to put a fair offer on the table, Eric is prepared to take your claim to court. Unlike attorneys who may try to move through cases quickly by reaching hasty compromises, Eric fights to maximize the amount you recover.

To schedule your free consultation at Berg Law Office, call 218-514-4105 or complete our online form. For personal injury cases, we will only collect if you recover compensation.