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If you have been hurt on the job in Minnesota, Berg Law Office can help. From his Duluth location, Attorney Eric Berg assists people across the Arrowhead with preparing, filing and advancing workers’ compensation claims. With his detail-oriented approach to law and his sympathetic evaluation of your situation, Eric can help you secure the financial support you need to move forward from a workplace injury. With a reputation for his tenacity, focus and compassion, Eric is committed to understanding your goals and answering your questions throughout the legal process.

Who Qualifies For Workers’ Compensation Benefits, And What Can Benefits Pay For?

All Minnesota employers are required to maintain workers’ compensation insurance. If you are injured in the course of your work, Berg Law Office can assist you with filing a claim for benefits with your employer’s insurer. You can file a claim for a variety of injuries, including (but not limited to):

  • An injury from a specific event, such as a fall, crash or fire
  • A repetitive injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome
  • An injury stemming from a pre-existing condition that your job made worse, such as back or heart problems
  • Damage to your lungs or respiratory system

Workers’ compensation claims for mental injury due to stress or trauma can also, occasionally, be approved.

If your claim is accepted, the benefits you are awarded can cover, among other expenses, the cost of:

  • Medical care required to treat the injury
  • Wages lost due to an injury-related inability to work
  • Ongoing treatment or therapies for long-term or permanent injuries
  • Vocational training if your injury leaves you unable to perform your former job.

Minnesota workers’ compensation is a no-fault system – meaning you do not have to demonstrate that your employer’s actions or carelessness caused you harm. Similarly, your claim cannot be denied simply because your own negligence caused the injury: it does not matter who is responsible.

What Happens If Your Claim Is Denied?

It’s essential to remember that workers’ compensation insurers are businesses: their priority is maximizing their profits, and minimizing the amounts they pay out to hurt employees. If your claim is denied, this does not mean that you do not deserve benefits. A denial can be appealed, taken to court or settled out-of-court.

Eric is dedicated to helping you get the assistance you need after a workplace injury. In addition to obtaining the medical records, documentation and expert testimony that can build a successful initial claim, he can litigate or negotiate claims that insurers have attempted to deny. To put a focused, fierce advocate on your workers’ compensation case, call 218-514-4105, or send Eric an email.